Here She Is! Mavis is ready for her animation debut!

New Puppet Head Ready For Molding

Making progress on the Karen action figure, just need a little sprucing up, a slap of paint, and voila!

I am so excited to share this armature! This is my first time working with bronze/aluminum, it is my strongest armature yet, and I set a personal speed record in machining it! 

Karen is about to get a silicone makeover!

Here They Come! Cow And Banana Are Almost Ready For Their Debut!


Women's Wear Daley Revamp

Women's Wear Daley is a long term project that simply illustrates former Chicago mayor, Richard Daley wearing women's fashion. Each week I will dress Mr. Daley in new feminine attire, with the end product being a short animation of Daley flaunting his new fangled wardrobe.